Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is a test. I have a brandspankingnew commenting format thanks to the lovely Miss Grace. This is only a test.

But I'll also take this opportunity to tell you about some early Christmas presents I bought, erm, myself. In a supreme act of optimism I got some new suitcases. Because maybe I'll go on some fabulous vacations soon? I think I know of a very important conference happening in New York this summer and I think that if I went, I would NEED cute suitcases. Yes. And, also, my old suitcase was of the no-rolly-no-standy variety. By that I mean it used to be a rolly suitcase. And then one of the wheels got jammed and I didn't realize it until it was too late so I kept pulling it along and it's been rubbed down to a nub. So now the suitcase neither rolls nor stands. But it does hold clothes, which is why I put off buying a new one for, oh, five or six years.

But I found these at Ross:
 I know what you're thinking. They don't match. But that's okay. I'm not planning to use them at the same time. I doubt I'll be going on a vacation requiring THAT much luggage for many moons. Plus, take a look at how purty they are individually and you'll see why I couldn't resist either:

See? Surprise pretty blue on the inside! Preeeetty. I saw that and I knew I had to get that one. And then I took a look at the green one.

And it was just so pocketful that I couldn't resist. This one was a tad pricey (around $80 marked down from $180) but I got SUCH a screaming deal on the other one ($36 marked down from $400) that I was able to justify it. Plus: pockets! Including this extra bonus laptop bag found inside one of the outer pockets:

And now I'm planning to get rid of the old suitcase. But of course someone has recently realized that he LOVES the old suitcase and it's the only place he ever wants to be and please please don't take it away from me.