Monday, December 7, 2009


Last week I went to the grocery store and it seemed like every aisle I went down was capped off by these 5 pound boxes of mini oranges. There I was, minding my own business but at every corner I turned, there they were again. "Mini oranges! Five lbs for only $6!" The store even went so far as to list it as a "gift box" which, really? I know there are allowances to be made around the holidays because every retailer is stretching to include their product as a great! gift! idea! but I think it's a pretty big leap to start calling bulk food items "gift boxes." Anybody want an economy size gift package of toilet paper for Christmas? No? A 20 pound gift bag of dog food?

Anyhow. So I ended up getting suckered into buying one of the boxes, worn down by their sheer overabundant presence in the store.

And that was nice, I do like oranges. But then the very next evening I returned home from school and found my box of farm fresh fruits and veggies had been delivered. I had completely forgotten about it.
Here's what I found in the box, after removing several heads of lettuce and what I think must be kale.

Why yes! Those ARE mini oranges. And then it became a race against a clock.

And here we are. After almost a week of eating several mini oranges a day and handing off three or four or seven to whoever crosses my path, I've made quite a dent.

What's that you say? You're not impressed? Why, no, neither am I. Because that is essentially NO DENT AT ALL. Those mothereffers are cloning themselves in that bowl, I swear it.