Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Winter has apparently arrived in the City by the Bay. For me, this means permanently switching my radio station to 96.5 so I can listen to Christmas music all the time. Yes, allthetime. It also means that it's cold. I know it's probably not cold to some of you snowfolk, but cold to my California wussyness. And I'm extra wussy, or so I've been told. So the other day I turned on my heater and I realized something: the heater likes the blinds shut.

See I was leaving the blinds on my window open for several reasons-- natural light, making my wee apartment feel less claustrophobic, people watching during allocated study time, etc etc. But also because I figured that the COLD from the windows would make the heater stay on longer. Because if the apartment feels colder to the heater, it will work harder... you follow my logic?

But then the other day I left the blinds shut because I wasn't ready to deal with the day and the heater stayed on much much longer. And then I tested it, opening the blinds to see when it would shut off. To my surprise, it turned off much SOONER. It's as if my heater needs an ego boosting sense of accomplishment. When the blinds are shut, the heater chugs along, warming up the house degree by degree, feeling proud of itself. When the blinds are open, the heater starts up and then quits, throwing its arms into the air and pouting well why do I even bother!?

So this means I have to make a choice when I'm in my apartment: I can either have natural light and a pretty view of the outside world, or I can be warm. But I can't have both. (Balls!)