Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help Wanted?

This is such an odd experience for me. I haven't had a whole ton of jobs in my life, but the ones I have had have been pretty easily gotten. My last job at the ADHC was practically thrown at me. I showed up in jeans and a tee shirt for my interview (not realizing it was supposed to be like a "real" interview) and they still told me they would love to have me and please could I start on Monday?

And now that I've spent quite a fair amount of time, energy, and $$ to become a nurse-- it's been surprisingly difficult to find a job. It doesn't help that I was initially looking for something Perfect and Part Time. Now I'm sort of looking for Anything, Anywhere.

I had this one interview that I thought went great and they said they would let me know on Friday. And then Friday came and went, so I called the next week just, you know, to thank them for the interview and to let them know I was still interested and ask if they needed any more information about me and bullshit bullshit why haven't you called me or emailed me about the job? And the woman let me know that they had emailed me last week to let me know that they had gone another direction. So I said "okay, thank you, goodbye." And then I checked my email and while we were on the phone she had send the email. So I got rejected. Twice. In five minutes.

And then I had this other interview, which was actually a phone conversation plus TWO in-person interviews, one involving an hour drive out of the city to the other office because the doctor was at that office on that particular day. But then they went with someone who had more experience. Someone who was not me.

So, I'm still looking. It is a bit frustrating to be an unemployed RN because all you ever hear about nursing is how there aren't enough nurses anywhere and hospitals are suffering and blah blah. Well, I'M RIGHT HERE! HIRE ME!!

p.s. I returned the Crapberry and got the EnV. And I like it! So thanks everybody for the advice and the commiserating "uh... I have no idea"s.