Saturday, August 22, 2009

Education versus Intelligence

I don't believe that education equals intelligence. I know people who are not highly educated but who are very intelligent. There are many individuals who may not have had a lot of classroom time but who are able to carry on well thought out, in-depth conversations and make intelligent decisions and so on. Yes, there are stupid people who are uneducated, but there are also uneducated people who may not have very high paying jobs or conventional lifestyles, but they are smart people with goals and accomplishments and values.

On the other hand, I have also been in contact with numerous people who possess degrees from respectable institutions but who are complete and utter morons. People who are mind-numbingly stupid and frustratingly bad at making decisions and interacting with others.

Even the most educated, book-smart people do astonishingly stupid things and piss away their opportunities. Just look at the ladies in any Girls Gone Wild college edition video. Educated? Check. Making poor choices? DOUBLE CHECK.

And this guy I dated for awhile. He was an engineer, an unquestionably smart individual. And he couldn't make toast. Nor could he withdraw money from an ATM.

So if you are educated, I am not going to automatically assume that you are smart. And if you are not educated, I'm not going to automatically assume that you are a moron. I will base my opinion of you on your sense of humor or your ability to tell a story or whether or not you ask me if my full name is "Julia Gulia." I think that's fair.