Thursday, August 13, 2009

Girl Talk: Powder Room Policies

In high school I just thought I had thick and somewhat frizzy, difficult hair. I have come to realize that I have thick and somewhat frizzy, difficult hair that CAN be managed. My hair tends to get prettier and smoother the longer I go without a shower, but on the other hand I also to get more compulsively scratchy the longer I go without a shower. As in, I will scratch my head even though it doesn't itch and I swear I don't have dandruff but it feels like I should be itchy so I scratch. Okay, is that gross? TMI? Moving on.

I shower every other day or so depending on how dirty I feel or smell or if I've been swimming or exercising.

If I want to look especially nice for something, then the night before I will take a shower, air dry my hair till it is about half dry, and blow dry it while brushing and using this.... hold on for just a moment let me go check what it is called..... Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum. Then, the next day I will style my hair, utilizing my straightening iron and more Paul Mitchell Serum. That, in my opinion, leaves my hair at its best and loveliest. Depending on time/effort constraints, I will cut out one or more of the aforementioned steps.

Since I apparently only get my hair cut/styled/colored once every year and a half, I decided that I should invest in higher quality (than Suave) hair products and thus I tend to use Pantene or Herbal Essences. Bonus, they smell yumsy.

I don't use any soap at all on my face because I have such sensitive skin, so I rinse it with water in the shower. I use whatever soap is around (body wash, boy body wash, soap I made, etc) on the rest of my body.

I used to take long, luxurious, HOT HOT bubble baths. I don't use any bubble bath anymore because of the skin sensitivity issue again but I still frequently partake in long, luxurious, HOT HOT baths.

I will often light a scented candle or some incense in the bathroom while I'm bathing or showering. Even if I'm just hurriedly taking a shower after I work out. It makes it more like a "relaxation ritual" than a chore.

Also, I tend to do some of my best thinking/problem solving/relaxing in the shower... probably because I can't easily be interrupted by the phone or the internet or my own short attention span.