Thursday, December 8, 2011

estate sale birthday gifty

My niece, Princess's birthday is rather close to Christmas. When everyone was home for Thanksgiving she handed out her bday/xmas list:
The fact that she wrote "No Broken Bones" is appropriate because she has spent many a holiday in a cast, having broken one arm twice and the other three times. I initially thought "Lite Sprite" just meant Diet Sprite which, great! Easy! You want one case or three? But, no, actually it's a gimmickey toy with a very attractive commercial, apparently. I actually got into a rather heated discussion with my relatives about what "Password Journal" was referring to. THEY thought that it meant a journal where you keep all your passwords. *I* thought it meant a journal that you couldn't access unless you had the password. I feel like there's an obvious winner of that debate, but we never did confirm with Princess.

My favorite part of the list (aside from the fact that she hand wrote copies for everybody and laminated it with tape) is the note "[Princess] will enjoy any gift, even if it is not on the list. I LOVE YOU." Awwww. Hopefully she'll enjoy my present-- I bought it at an estate sale a couple weeks ago. I had been wanting to go to an estate sale for ages but I had a hard time finding listings for ones that were NOT full of priceless antiques or fine Victorian furniture. But then I looked on, duh, Craigslist (you just go to the 'items for sale' section and type in "estate sale" into the search bar). I was nervous to go to the estate sale, because it is at somebody's HOUSE and that makes me anxious, but it was actually fun. There were tons of other people there so I didn't feel weird about rifling through this lady's possessions. Plus, it was neat to get a feel for the person who had lived in the home and owned the things. I felt like maybe she would have been happy to know that her items were going to people who wanted and enjoyed them.

Anyhow, I bought this for my niece:
It's a little basketty purse thing, with an adorable strawberry design.
And it has a red checkered interior.
(I also got her those socks; she loves long socks.)
I'm pretty sure she'll enjoy it, even though it wasn't on the list.