Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Sorry for shouting. BUT I AM EXCITED! A Christmas tree! Of my very own!
I went to work today (I've been doing observations/data collection in a nursing home for the past couple weeks, as a nurse researcher on a short term project) and I learned that we're finishing up on Friday but they're going to pay us for an extra eight hours since we have been so awesome and efficient. And THEN I figured that if I bought a Christmas tree at the Delancey Street Foundation lot then I would be giving my money to an organization that does good work and that I like and support. So then, as I was driving home, I happened to pass by one of the lots and I impulse bought a tree!
Except that the lot wasn't on my way home and I had to leave and hit the ATM really quick because I hadn't realized that they didn't take credit cards. So I suppose it was premeditated Christmas tree buying after all.

When I got home, I manhandled the tree into my house all by me onesie, and then got out my storage bin of Christmas decorations.
I trimmed the tree.
I don't have a star yet, so the sparkly peace sign is substituting for the time being. Those bells are camel bells my parents brought from their trip to Israel last summer. The picture frame has a photo of Bowie in it. And the ballet slippers are a nod to my mom's traditional Christmas tree topper-- a ballerina.
And I set up the rest of the decorations.
Things are looking (and smelling) mighty festive around here. I'm so glad I talked myself into getting a tree. It was totally worth it.