Monday, May 11, 2009

Stolen Images

I had adventures this weekend with Miss Grace. First, we parked her car in a securish location and went to Seventh Son so Jen could talk to George about possibly inkin her up sometime in the near future. Then, we wandered about downtown. We tried to go shopping, but had frustrating experiences involving numerous unhelpful salespeople and crowded stores. We tried to take a break at a coffee shop, but all the tables were taken so we ended up perched with the sun in our eyes and the store's logo sign almost on my head. So we went home and took a nap. Then we went out on the town. And Jenny posted photos on her Flickr. And I have stolen them.

Here is Jenny attempting to use the hunk of useless plastic she refers to as a phone. At one point during the day she handed it to me and said, "I dare you to send a text message." And I tried. But the phone itself looks and feels like a toy and there are only a couple of buttons that actually do things and the options it kept giving me were "Select" or "Switch Off!" Hey Jen! I think maybe it's time you give in and sign that two year contract deal, okay?

And this one.... Hm. I'm not sure. But that's essentially a glass of rum I'm drinking.

And I don't even know how to explain the man who serenaded us during our walk home.

Also of note: Jenny is supposed to review a book of erotica stories and so she read me one of them. And it was the MOST DISTURBING thing I have EVER HEARD. Essentially, it was fan fiction... written about Peter Pan. Um. UM?? The only association I have (and, I assume, many people have) with Peter Pan is the Disney movie. The author added a couple years to the ages and changed the characters a bit but it was horrifying to hear about Peter Pan's rock hard, musty _____, and Tiger Lily's wet _____. And Wendy's rain-soaked nighty that reveals her taut skin and enormous, SAUCER-LIKE _______s. And Tiger Lily using her FIST to ____ Wendy. My mind has been violated.