Thursday, May 14, 2009

Girl Talk: Feminine Infatuations

Quick! Lets talk about something else before my head explodes!
Oh, I know:

When asked to talk about my girl crushes, only one came to mind. Her.

Obviously. Yowza. Especially in Tomb Raider. Or, really, any of the numerous movies in which she's similarly badass.

That was all I could come up with. But then I checked out what others had to say about this, and Kekibird and Mommymelee jogged my memory a bit.

Princess Leia, especially in Return of the Jedi. No, not just when she wore the gold bikini, her relationship with Han was yumz in my preteen mind.

Rachel Weisz, especially in The Mummy series. Oh hello gorgeous eyes and silky voice.

The mention of Marilyn Monroe reminded me of how much I enjoy Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The epitome of attitude and allure.

And! AND! Jennifer Connelly in the Labyrinth. Sigh.

Looking at these girl crushes, I note a particular theme-- gorgeous ladies with spunk and sass and a taste for adventure, who can take care of themselves but who also need just a bit of seduction and rescuing. Swoon.