Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today I had my PPD test read to make sure I'm not spreading tuberculosis around the hospital and, YIKES, it was "equivocal" which means they can't tell if it's negative of positive. I guess I'm not too surprised because while my classmates all look like they have tiny pinpricks in their arms, mine looks like an angry red boil.

Anyhow, my skin reaction means I might mean I have a latent TB infection. Which would just be super awesome perfect timing. Not that having tuberculosis is ever convenient.... But anyhow, the nurse sent me off for a blood test that can't actually rule latent TB out completely but would definitely show if I were positive. So, now I get to wait a week to find out if I get to go on INH therapy for nine months. And as an unrelated p.s., if you're on INH, I happen to know, you can't drink alcohol. The nurse kept assuring me that I'm "low risk" for TB even though I kept telling her I've been working in hospitals and, oh yeah! at a tuberculosis clinic so I've still got my fingers crossed that the reaction is just a skin allergy.

So then later today, I stopped at Walgreens to buy a few items. I scavenged through the clearance section and found this 6 hour energy shot thing. And I decided to buy it, since it was on sale for about a dollar and who knows when I might need 6 extra hours of energy? I brought all my stuff up to the register and the casheir started ringing it up.

"Do you have ID?"

"Sure. Uh, why?" I said, digging out my license.

"For this." The cashier lady held up the energy drink. I thought to myself, does it contain alcohol or something?

"Okay, 1982... looks like you just made it!"

"Ha ha, no actually I'm 26." I say, still perplexed.

"You're 26?"


"Oh, then, sorry! You can't buy this."


"You have to be 27."


"To buy this drink, you have to be 27."


And she wouldn't sell it to me. Because I'm not 27. Because that's the age at which you can buy a 6 hour energy shot drink? I really didn't care one way or the other about buying the damn thing, I just wanted to know WHAT. The. Eff?