Monday, November 28, 2011

New Header

Have you noticed my new header? Up yonder, there at the top!
The lovely and talented Miss Jenny made it for me, on a an apparent procrastinatey whim.

Just in case this particular header hasn't convinced you to hire her for all your photoshopping needs, here are some other things she's made for me in the past couple of years:

There's this one, from the time of all the Crazy Ex cell phone shenanigans (when he was calling Verizon and using my SSN to get my phone turned off and trying to set up passwords so I couldn't access my own account).
For awhile I had two phones.
My old header.

And this, because my elbows and I are awesome beyond compare.
Don't touch my scepter. I'm the queen.

And, last but not least, this one.
It was actually the first one she made me. My favorite.

Are you convinced now? I pay her in gossip, but I'm pretty sure she'd also accept paypal, bacon, or anything from Anthropolgie.