Monday, November 21, 2011

Fairy Tale

My 10 year old niece put on a puppet show this morning.

Niece: [Long winded but properly arced story involving a prince and a princess. The cliffs notes version is that the princess is trapped in a tower and the prince must fight a three-headed dragon in order to rescue her. He rescues her, they fall in love, and get married.]

My mom and me: Yay! [clapping]

Niece: Wait wait, it's not over!

My mom and me: Oh.

Niece: So then the prince and the princess lived in a beautiful castle and the prince went to work every day.

My mom: Well that's good.

Niece: And the princess stayed in the castle. And then one day she had a baby. See? Here it is [holds up tiny doll]. A child of her very own to love.

My mom and me: Awww.

Niece: But then the prince said that he did not like the baby. He didn't like seeing the princess with a baby and he didn't like all the noise the baby made.

Me: Huh.

Niece: So the princess took the baby and moved into her own house. She started working and took care of the baby, too. And she lived happily ever after.

My mom and me: YAY!!! [clapping]

The End.