Saturday, August 13, 2011


Let's talk about something else, shall we? How about that flea market table I mentioned?

This is my old nightstand.
Hmmm. Not very Zen, is it?
The table itself was fine. It was small enough to work as a nightstand in my wee bedroom nook, it was stable and okay to look at, and it was free (I found it on the street near my house). The problem was that it tended to get cluttered pretty easily with books and whatnot. Plus, I received two Snuggies for Christmas this year and I didn't know where to put them because they fold kind of awkwardly what with the sleeves and all. I tried them as couch throw-blankets but it was too haphazard looking so I just bunched them up and stuck them on the bottom shelf of the nightstand. No, not very Zen at all.

A couple weeks ago at the Treasure Island Flea I found this table.
I thought it was so neat-- it's like a magazine-rack table!
The lighting looks a little weird in that photo but I was so excited to put my new table in its new spot that I didn't bother to try and take a better one. It was originally $30 but the guy let me have it for $25.

And here it is as the new nightstand.
I feel like it actually looks a little odd there because it is significantly taller than the bed, but I also think it looks better than the old one since it is less cluttered. I particularly enjoy having a special area for my current books.
The Snuggies live in a cabinet now.