Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Drawer Zen

I had a coupon for the thrift store yesterday. If I spent $10 or more then I got $5 off. After picking out my new old scrub tops I decided to get a couple more things and of course my total rang up to $7. Because I'm good at math (actually I hadn't accounted for the fact that some of the items I was buying were on sale... which I guess makes it still a math error).

I picked out some pillowcases and a little zippy pouch that will be good for carrying... oh I don't know bandaids or hand sanitizer or something else I'm supposed to bring to El Salvador.

I also bought this little drawer organizey thing. I thought it might be the right size for one of my kitchen drawers and even if it didn't fit, well, it was only seventy cents so what did I have to lose?

This is the drawer in question:
Eek. Not very Zen.

And here it is now:
In the back of the drawer are my membership cards for a couple casinos in Vegas (someone please remind me where those are the next time I'm packing for a trip there), some knives used to open parcels, and Bowie's leash and extra collars. On the side of the drawer is a map of my fair city.
I moved my cloth napkins to a cabinet and used the plastic organizey thing to make this more of a junk drawer-- a catchall for all those annoying little things that clutter up space but that I would be irritated if I just threw them all out. Because what if I found myself suddenly in need of a birthday candle or a rubber band or a chair scoochy pad or an entire roll of tokens for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk? WHAT THEN?