Saturday, May 21, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

In case you were wondering, I'm feeling much better about the school situation. I was totaaaaalllllyyyyyy dreading going to class this week and seeing the gals in my program as well as my advisor who, BONUS, is also my professor. I guess in my head I was imagining that all my classmates were going to think I didn't pass the Giant Paper Thing because I'm stupid. But! Surprise! Nobody thought that. Or at least nobody gave me any indication that they thought that. Everyone was just really nice and supportive and sympathetic. Like one girl said to me "It really could have been any one of us." I dunno. It just made me realize Ohhhhhh. I'm not an idiot. THIS PROGRAM IS JUST HARD.
I've also heard a lot of stories from friends, family, members, acquaintances, etc about how they tried to do something and it didn't work out. "I graduated late from dental school." "I failed the Network Administrator exam the first time I took it." "My advisor failed me for some research units in grad school." "I walked in my college graduation ceremony in June but took classes over the summer to finish my degree." And on and on and on and on.... Every single one of these stories makes me feel better, so if you have shared one with me then I thank you.

Also, a friend of mine told me today that IN OUR PROGRAM she knows several other people who have to turn in their Giant Paper Things this summer. Maybe we'll start a club.

Something else that made me feel better?
Receiving this in the mail!
BROWNIES from Rachel, AKA Doing My Best. What a sweetheart, she saw me whimpering on Twitter and offered to send me a little pick-me-up. She sent TWO flavors-- chocolate and chocolate with butterscotch chips. They were nummy, in case you wondered.
She also included these:
A bag of mini Snickerses "for extra padding to protect the brownies." Oh, Rachel, I like the way you think.
And a Crappy Day Present! I opened it pretty much right away (which is why there is no photo of it still wrapped) and it was a little bookmark with a happy quote. I also like the fact that the bookmark is (perhaps unintentionally) shaped like a wee snowboard.

Other good things, now that I'm on a roll:

I've treated myself to lots of comfort food and a new pair of jeans (partly because of all the comfort food).

My parents said they would like to give me an early graduation present-- a new stethoscope! Well. I'm excited about that.

KC told me he ordered me a graduation present.

And then today at Costco, after many many months of not having them in stock.... BEHOLD.
BOOYAH. That's a rap word.