Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blogher10: In No Particular Order

The vodka is gone. So is the jerky.

Taking the red-eye has its pros and cons. Pros include having the entire day to dither and run errands and pack before you head to the airport. Cons include half-assed beverage service on the plane and passing out on the NYC Hilton lobby couch because your room isn't ready but you can't keep your eyes open anymore.

I am so glad I bought gold flats before I left-- I wore them to all the cocktail parties. Except the one where I wore my sliver shoes (to match my sliver jewelry).
Yes, I have oddly long toes.
The evenings were a blur of cocktail parties, dancing, nummy snackies, random jaunts to nearby bars, ending up in someone's hotel room (or bathroom) for an afterpartyish type thing, and finally falling facedown into bed in the wee hours of the morn.
All the Single Ladies....
 Bibliosaurus attack!
At the Irish Pub, up very late.
Past our bedtime.
Gots ta get her sugar.
I met, uh, A LOT of people. A lot of awesome, fabulous people who were made up of more than just their avatar photos, strangely enough! I don't know really how to describe it properly but it's like this: You get an IDEA of people based on their photos and what they write and who their (internet) friends are. But then you meet them and it was like OMG YOU'RE ACTUALLY A REAL PERSON! At least, that's what it was like for me. Real people! ACTUAL, REAL PEOPLE. It was... surreal.
Jenny(Grace) explained to Jenny the Bloggess that she didn't get any drink tickets because she didn't RSVP to any parties. Jenny was rightfully outraged. Because WTF?

I only had a pass for the Expo hall an cocktail parties. I might have liked to go to a session or two but I very much enjoyed having plenty of time to relax, wander around the city, and see the sights.

I went to the Museum of Natural History on Saturday. Apparently me going to a museum on my own = crazy obsession over animal horns and the twistiness thereof.

And also whether or not the female of the species was behorned.

Where are all the recycle bins in NYC? Seriously, where are they? Also, I'm sorry Blogher, but providing compostable coffee cups doesn't make the conference any "greener" unless you actually compost them.

Most of the people I was introduced to (or introduced myself to) were wonderfully gracious and lovely. But a FEW would just smile and say "nice to meet you" and then I would have to say "And you are....?" Most times it seemed like people just forgot to introduce themselves so that's totally fine, but SOMETIMES I got the distinct impression that someone wasn't introducing him/herself because I was just supposed to know who s/he was. Which, COME ON.

I made an entire meal out of freebies from the Expo hall. A sandwich from Hillshire farms, Baby Bell cheeses. A cupcake from Pillsbury.

I also got into a long and in-depth conversation with the Hillshire farms lady about my ZEN ORGANIZING. I was very! excited! to! share!

One of my favorite moments was the packing/snarking party I had with Jenny and Leah.

My room was the best. My roomies were the best. Look how adorbs!
We clean up nice.
We had another roomie, too. But it seemed like every time I came into the room she was just leaving or had just left or vice versa. Or I was sleeping in and she was getting up early to actually participate in the conference.

Hanging out with Lora was totally bittersweet. Sweet because she is about five hundred times better in person than she seems on her blog and she's already pretty funny, interesting, cool, nutty, and thought-provoking on her blog. And bitter because DAMMIT LORA why don't you live nextdoor to me?!

Jenny and I make good travel buddies because we both have no problem running for the plane if it means we can eat Panda Express at 10 am. Also because we share a similar hatred of everyone at the airport. Also because we both think taking a photo on the plane after 4 days of partying and staying up late and subsisting on snackies and booze is a good idea.
We were trying really hard to smile pretty for the camera. Photo from Jenny.
In case it wasn't already clear, I had a really good time. A really, really good time. And next year is apparently in San Diego. See you there?