Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blogher: Ready to Go!

Well, almost. Sorta.


Here's what I've packed so far:
But those are pretty much the necessities and everything else is negotiable.

I'm a little nervous which might because of one or all of the following:
(a) I need to decide what clothes to bring and pack them, paint my toenails, load up my ipod, charge my electronics, print my rsvps for everything, check in, and fill my snack bag for the plane.
(b) I have to drop off my car with my friend who will be babysitting it.
(c) Social anxiety: full tilt.
(d) I had a crazy dream last night wherein I was waiting for the dentist because I had an appointment to have all of my teeth, which were painful and throbbing, REMOVED. And this dentist was big. In SIZE, I mean. A giant, of sorts.

Uh. Anyhow. Blogher! I will be there with bells on. Come say hi to me, won't you? I'll be the one anxiously wringing her hands and gnawing on beef jerky. Hmm. Did I just describe half the people in attendance?