Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reunion Outfit Advice?

You guys. YOU GUYS.

My TEN YEAR high school reunion is this Saturday. Yes, THIS Saturday. Yes, THAT high school.

Oh man.

There is apparently, like, a whole weekend's worth of activities including an awards ceremony (for what? I'm not sure), campus tours, and a power point presentation of the school through the ages.
I'm only planning to go to one evening reception thingy for drinking/looking around the school/schmoozing purposes.

Here is my question to you: WHAT DO I WEAR? I think this is the type of event that is dressyish but not, like, cocktail dress dressy, but that jeans might not be dressy enough and I don't really have any other pants that aren't jeans and I want to wear pants because it will probably be cold but I suppose I could wear a skirt and boots but is that TOO dressy? Or not dressy enough? And I do have white pants but are those not evening-appropriate? What about stretch pants with a long top over them? Or should I wear a little black dress since it IS the evening and probably kinda dressy or will I feel too dressed up? Or what about jeans with heels?
It's not so much that I'm worried I won't look CUTE because I think all of those choices would be fine but basically this is the type of event for which I have the HARDEST time figuring out what is appropriate to wear and tend to think myself in circles. Gah.

At least I'll be able to find out if my former classmates are single, married, or have children.