Tuesday, April 28, 2009

so many tears

In the past several weeks, I have seen and heard-

a woman trying to make the decision between being induced, having a procedure that might lead to an emergency C section, and waiting another week for her baby to grow more.

a baby with a hole in its heart.

a woman being told that one of the babies inside her had died.

a new mom trying to breastfeed, becoming frustrated with herself as her baby would not latch on.

a baby who had gotten its shoulders stuck during birth and broken its clavicle.

a new father trying to comfort his wife as they watched their baby struggle, hooked up to machines.

a woman who had lost five pregnancies.

a baby who cried right away after delivery.

a baby who didn't cry right away after delivery.

a laboring woman being told that she was being silly not to want an epidural.

a woman craning to see what the providers were doing as they worked on her baby.

a baby removed, piece by piece, from its heartbroken mother.

and more.