Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Resolutions

After reading Miss Grace's post, I remembered that today is Earth Day. I do care about our lovely little planet, so here are some things I resolve to start doing:

1. Actually use my reusable shopping bags. I'll buy a couple more so I can leave them in my car, my purse, and my backpack so they will be more handy.

2. Get one of those folding cart things for shopping (hopefully one that is kind of hip and cute and not too dowdy). This, I believe, will help me accomplish goals 3 and 4.

3. Walk to the grocery store. It is embarrassingly close and yet I drive there far more often than I should because it's quicker and easier, especially if I want to buy a lot of heavyish stuff. But once I have my little cart, I'll have no excuse.

4. Use the library, not the bookstore. The bookstore is closer, but the library is right across the street from the grocery store so maybe I'll be inspired to go there while I'm out shopping.

5. Turn off excess lights. Sometimes I feel lonely in my apartment so I keep more lights on than I should. But I'll stop. Maybe I'll try to make it fun by lighting nice-smelling candles in the house instead. That's okay, right? Candles make less pollution than leaving lights on?

6. Make hippie cleaning stuff out of baking soda and vinegar and lemon juice and whatnot. I'll use up my Seventh Generation stuff and just mix the new stuff in those bottles.

7. Buy more local and organic food. I've starting doing this recently, but sometimes the prices scare me away. But I know it's better for the economy, the environment, my health, karma, etc.

I think now is a good time to mention the things that I already do, just to give myself a little pat on the back for doing them. And also to resolve to continue to do them:
  • Drink tap water
  • Use cloth napkins and cleaning rags instead of paper towels and napkins
  • Bring water in my reusable bottle
  • Bring tea in my ceramic travel cup
  • Reuse plastic bags (for kitty litter scooping, lunches, etc)
  • Reuse paper bags (to hold recyclables)
  • Bring my lunches to school a couple times a week (I can't bear to bring lunch on clinical days. It's just too much to handle) and make dinner at home most nights
  • Shop at thrift and used clothing stores
  • Use public transportation
  • Give a monthly donation to Greenpeace
  • Appreciate natural beauty
  • Think positive thoughts