Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More evidence of my royal blood.

When it comes to shoes, I am a little like the Princess and the Pea. If a shoe is ever so slightly uncomfortable, does not have adequate support for my lovely high arches, cuts at any part of my feet, has too loose or too tight straps, slips off my heels, or pinches my toes you can bet your boots (ha!) that my delicate little feet will notice. And then take them off. I might be wearing these

but from the way I am whimpering, you might think I was wearing these

or these

or these.

Which basically means that I'm insanely picky about the shoes that I buy (but then aren't we all?) and I might not actually even wear shoes that I own if I decide they aren't comfortable enough. I have a pair of strappy heels that I bought for my junior prom and to this day I still wear them since they are the most comfortable "going out" shoes I own. They used to be a sparkly silver color but now they're more of a muted gray, with stains from the multitude of drinks that have spilled on them and scuffed, nearly nonexistent heels from the miles and miles that they have carried me. Usually, I will coordinate my outfit with some other, newer, cuter pair of shoes and then, when the cab is downstairs and everybody is traipsing out the door, I will run back to my room and grab the old shoes.

So is anybody surprised to learn that I've been wearing the same pair of casual sneakers pretty much every single day for the past, oh, four years?

In my mind, they still look something like this.

However, my mother informed me that they actually look more like this.

And so I have been looking for new shoes for awhile now. But I believe I have noted my picky nature toward footwear in general and casual shoes are no exception-- they have to be cute, obviously, but also exceedingly comfortable for me to want to wear them on a daily basis. I define comfort thusly: PRECISELY the right size being neither slightly too big nor too small, able to be worn with socks, free from "quirks" (such as having the tongue thingy constantly bunch over to one side or the other like my Pumas), having adequate laces or other fastening devices as well as arch support, and giving me that indefineable sensation of Rightness on my footsies.

And today my mom bought me these.

And I love them! They are comfy and adorable and twinkly and purple and even cuter than the picture shows and did I mention comfy?? So yay!

And now since I'm feeling rather superficial and ridiculous with my "oh poor me, I have so many shoes I just don't know what to do with myself!" here is a web site about a sneaker recycling program. And one about donating shoes to people who don't have any.