Thursday, February 17, 2011

More About Registries

I feel like that last post maybe gave off a bit of an unintentionally negative vibe. I want to clarify- I'm not LOOKING for ways to decrease the amount of money I spend on somebody's wedding gift. Maybe it sounded that way because those are the factors I have to think about now: I'm going to several weddings or wedding-related events in a short period of time, I'll be traveling, I'm a student, and to one of the weddings I'm invited with a plus-one, but to another I'm invited alone. So I've had a lot of this on my mind lately.

One thing I MEANT to discuss before I went off on that algorithm of why I spend what I do on wedding gifts was a more detailed discussion of registries themselves. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I like registries and thing they are helpful and I tend to buy off the registry.

- If you don't buy off the registry, why not? Is it because you feel creatively stifled or that registries seem insistent? Do you ever worry that you might buy the couple something they don't want or like?

- What sorts of things do you tend to buy? I prefer to buy a gift that is whole by itself. As in, I dislike buying place settings or flatware and would prefer to buy a salad bowl and tongs or something like that. If possible, I also prefer to buy something that I would be pleased to give the couple regardless of it being on the registry. Like a friend of mine registered for some fancy beer glasses so I bought those for her (from both me and my plus-one). Another friend registered for a neat picnic basket set (!!!) and I was pretty excited about that so I ordered it for her.

- If you are married or have been married, what kinds of things did you want to receive for your wedding? What kinds of things turned out to be GREAT in the years to come and what kinds of things could you have done without? (If you aren't married and want to imaginarily answer this question, please go ahead). I'm curious, you see. Because I've seen a lot of registries with the kind of thing I'm not sure I would use. Fancy coasters, a breadmaker, crystal goblets.... Also, I'm the kind of person who likes going to the flea market and picking up odds and ends and I FEEL like (someday, if and when I ever do get married) I wouldn't register for, say, serving trays since I already have some really cool ones from the 70s. And what about fancy china? It seems like everybody registers for Nice Dishes but do they actually use them? I know my sister has a set that she keeps in a china hutch. I feel like if I'm shopping for a set of dishes to keep in a china hutch then maybe I just want to, like, inherit my grandmother's old china.

Okay I'd better scoot if I'm going to get to clinical on time. Please share if you are so inclined!