Monday, February 7, 2011


Last time I was at my parents' house my mom said she had a project for me. Turns out she wanted me to sort through her mother's old costume jewelry and OMG I don't think I could have IMAGINED a more fun project.

I believe I may have previously mentioned my fondness of handling small, trinketty objects?

Anyhow, I picked out a few items to keep and then sorted the rest into my grandmother's largest jewelry box. My mom said she was planning to keep the box in her closet and bring it out for my nieces to play with occasionally.

I remember when I was little that my mom had these two little Japanese dolls that I only got to play with when I was sick in bed. The dolls had white ceramic faces with bright red lips and dark eyes. They had fancy hairpieces and kimonos and sandals and they came in a special tissue-lined box. I have very fond memories of playing with them; they were good toys for a little girl who wasn't feeling well. I was careful and gentle with the dolls as I dressed them in their outfits and traded their hairpieces and walked them over the bedclothes. And once I was feeling better I was ready to run around and I didn't want to sit and play carefully.

So, back to the jewelry box. I filled it with my grandmother's extensive collection of clip-on earrings, her flashy rings, and other fancy baubles. My mom says she'll bring it out when she is babysitting one of my nieces who isn't feeling well or wants to play quietly.
I HIGHLY enjoyed playing with organizing the jewelry box, so I think it is the perfect toy for a little girl who wants to sit still for awhile.