Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 12: Something no one compliments

I started this post by trying to explain that I give good relationship advice; would you care to join in a collective laugh at that idea? Me, the relationship guru. Pah!
But I actually think I DO give pretty good advice. Not as good as some people, mind you. But pretty good. I can understand why people wouldn't think this is the case, though, since I don't exactly have a SHINY GOLD dating track record. But! The upswing to this is the fact that my friends don't have anything to worry about when they talk to me-- they know they're entering the Safe Circle when they tell me about their cheating boyfriend or the fact that they hacked into his email account. They know that I have no room to judge them. Plus, I can give them firsthand knowledge of Bad Situations in relationships. I can tell them all the mistakes I made in hopes that they don't make them too. And I can give them hope-- you can get out, I say. I did.

Okay so maybe the actual point here is that I give good relationship advice TO PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CRAPPY RELATIONSHIPS.

Sigh. That doesn't sound very good, does it? No wonder nobody tries to tell me that as a compliment.