Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kitchen: Before

I know I said I was going to talk about this BOOK I am using to get organized but I'm too tired right now. So I'm settling for posting this half-finished entry which includes the "before" pictures of my kitchen.

I live in what's gently referred to by my building manager as a 'junior one bedroom' which is basically a glorified studio. I like the design of it, though. Instead of a full separate kitchen like many studios have, I have a full (although miniature) bedroom. I think of it more as a bed nook, though, because there's not really room for much in it besides my bed. Anyhow, because I have the nice bedroomish area, I have a smaller kitchen... that also doubles as a hallway. Which means that when you are standing in it looking at the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, there is kitchen in front of and behind you. Wait, maybe I have a photo that will make this more clear.

See? The little kitcheny area is also the hallway to the living room area. Except that the living room area is furnished now and there aren't actually ghouls trying to burst in through the window. That's just me exercising my mad photo editing skillz.

Anyhow, that means that there are basically four counter areas in my kitchen. And these four counter areas tend to accumulate great mounds of clutter.

The left side of the sink:

The right side of the sink:

The left side of the stove (next to the fridge):

The right side of the stove:

According to the book, I get a whole month to make my kitchen into a "zen" space. Looks like I'm going to need it....