Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend of Scavenging

This past weekend I crossed off a whopping SEVEN items from my Birthday Scavenger Hunt! I was fortunate enough to have some friends with me who were game to help me out, or perhaps also just enjoyed the types of things I had on my list.

29. go on a nice long walk
Jenny and I channeled our younger, poorer, stubborner selves for this one. Back a number of years ago, when I used to live in LA, would get gussied up to go out on the town in our tastefully(?) skimpy clothes (LA IS HOT) and teetery high heels and walk walk walk walk walk to and/or from our clubbing destination. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
So, this weekend, when there were no cabs to be had, we took a stroll. It worked for us then, so why not now?
We also found a leaning post.
(Whenever I lean against, oh, ANYTHING AT ALL, I can't help but think/say "That is a leaning post!" (I don't know why the video is weirdly cropped)).

14. hangover Panda Express
Yep. Looks about right.
We discovered that the San Bruno mall is a weird parallel universe of a place where the air outside smells like tomatoes and you can run all of your errands. I got new long enough scrub pants, and a set of spare keys made, and some new brars, and an eyeliner (from the Sephora INSIDE the JC Penny) and we ran out of time before we could even get to Target. I sort of think I'll try to go back there sometime and it just... won't be there.

15. eat a mall pretzel
A lot of my goals involve food. Mall pretzels are my favorite snack food.

10. go in a hot tub
(Time Machine)
The ethereal glow is the plastic bag wrapping my phone. Oh, and also our effervescent charisma.

27. wear one of my new rings
My mom gave me some new old rings when we went through the fancy jewelry:
Left to right: my grandmother's shamrock, my mom's opal, my great grandmother's onyx, my grandmother's peridot. I know I can't wear them all at once, but I really enjoyed trying them all on. It made me feel a bit like ol' PJ:
 Anyhow, I wore this one to a party:
Isn't it pretty?

3. eat at Zabu Zabu
This place is a Japanese barbecue restaurant where if you pay $20 cash they will bring you platters of vegetables and meat as far as the eye can see, but my real addiction is the noodles.
So many noodles.
I am more posed than Jessica, but no less awkward. We stuffed ourselves, waddled on out of there, and managed to squeez in one last scavenger hunt item....

4. go to Target
Two words.