Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh baby.

The other night I dreamed that I had a baby.
The main focus of the beginning of the dream was logistical. I was worried- how will I squeeze in going to the hospital go have my baby when I've got all these meetings and other things to do? There was a big chunk of time (dream time, that is) in which I dithered about and tried to figure out my schedule.
And then the baby was there. It was a girl. She was really really cute, you know, as babies are wont to be. She had dark hair and big blue eyes and little pink cheeks. She was pretty interactive, so I suspect she was more of the movie-age newborn rather than an actual newborn-age newborn. I named her Fi0na.
The rest of the dream involved me taking her home and realizing, huh, it's not easy to carry all my school books and this here baby at the same time and maybe I'll just put her here on the couch and gaze at her for a little while.

When I woke up I felt kind of disappointed and sad about my baby's name. Not because Fi0na isn't a lovely name but because it is an off-limits (already been chosen by someone close to me) name.
So I lay there feeling bad about that for a moment but then I rationalized that I could change her first name but keep Fi0na as her MIDDLE name. Handy solution! Especially since I had really just been calling her 'Baby' because this whole situation was rather new to me.

And then I realized it had been a dream and that there was actually NO BABY AT ALL and so I got to feel disappointed all over again.

The following sentence may or may not sound completely insane, depending on your feelings about babies in general and dream babies specifically:
I kind of miss her.