Friday, March 25, 2011

Old Jerusalem Cafe

Why is it that here I am just a few short months away from gradumication, and NOW I finally find a cafe in which I can stand studying?
Woe is me.
I pretty much always study in my apartment (no distractions here, no siree!) with a few rare jaunts down to the lobby with free wifi. I hate studying at Starbucks and Peet's and other similar coffee shops. They're always so damn crowded and the SMELL IS OVERPOWERING. My friend D and I had been trying to study together (or, rather, parallel study since we are in different specialties) but she often goes to Starbucks and I often, well, stay home.
But! We recently met up at the Old Jeruslem Cafe in the Inner Sunset. I almost feel like I should tell you not to go there because then it might not be as spacious and empty but, no, you should go there because I do want their business to thrive.

Things I liked:
Spacious and empty (for me less people = less distraction).
High ceiling that I thought was kind of ridiculous at first (until I noticed there was a bonus second floor nook area).
Bonus second floor nook area.
Yummy vegan lentil soup, hummus, and pita triangles (I'm no vegan but that soup was delish).
When I was there they were playing brain-stimulating classical music.
Wifi (with $5 purchase).
Pleasing atmosphere.
Right off the N, also in an area with less-horrible parking.
Oh, they serve coffee too. If you're into that sort of thing.
That's D in the foreground, playing the part of the smartypants little student. Which she totally is.
Anyhow, I liked the place and I've been back a couple times since then and probably will go back for further study adventures as my career as a student comes to an end.

Oh, and apparently the cafe is also a hookah lounge by night. Huh.