Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Few Snippets from Christmas

I've been at my parents' house for the past few days, celebrating Christmas through the enjoyment of delicious foods and my mom's famous gingerbread cookies. A few recent occurrences:

I knew that one of my nieces was going to receive an American Girl Just Like You doll so I got her an adorable little salon chair from Target. They only show the purple one in the picture but the one I got was a really pretty bright blue and just happened to be just over 20 bucks and the perfect size for an American Girl doll. However. I found out on Christmas Eve that FIVE of my nieces were going to get American Girl dolls from Santa. It was too late for me to rush to Target in search of more chairs and in any case it is unlikely that there would have been four more. So they have since all been fighting over who gets to do her doll's hair in the one chair. Yay.

I picked up a sore throat from somewhere in LA and it has evolved to a stuffy nose and finally to a semi fake sounding hacking cough and feeling of generalized drowsy elation. Codeine cough syrup has helped but today I got antibiotics.

I went over to Jenny's house yesterday to visit with her for a bit and give gifts to her and Gabey. One of her parents' friends came to visit and, after being introduced she said "You girls better wash your hands after touching mine." That's it. No qualifiers. No "because I'm just getting over the flu" or "the dog might have been running through poison oak." So I was left to wonder WHY??? And then Jenny gave me chocolate cake and I went home for more gingerbread men.