Monday, May 17, 2010

UPR Diesel

Okay so I don't actually OWN anything by Diesel because their clothes always seemed too douchey and expensive for my taste. But now! Now I extra don't want to ever own anything by Diesel because look at their latest ad campaign:
Be stupid.
That's it.
That's their whole idea.
I'm not sure what angle they are trying for: A ridiculous gimmick that makes you laugh and therefore buy the clothes? Like those "Make 7... UP Yours" tee shirts? Or are they trying to be all deep like oooh people think they're so smart but you've gotta get out there and try new things and make impulsive decisions and LIVE, dammit...? Or am I supposed to take their words at face value-- stupid people wear Diesel?

I'm not sure what they are TRYING to say to me, the potential customer. But here are the messages I am getting:

Our customers are morons!

Our customers are culturally insensitive! And crazy!

Our customers are likely to have dead hookers under their beds!

Our customers are pervy exhibitionist photobombers who don't care about nature!

Our customers are douchey layabout rich assholes with way too much time on their hands!

I don't know if one could possibly conceive of an ad campaign that would appeal to me LESS. Congratulations, Diesel.