Monday, May 3, 2010

Storage Cage, Before

In this chapter of my magic organization book (Amazon affiliate link over thar -->) , I am working on the "hidden areas" of my home. The book actually spends a lot of time talking about the guest room and the garage and laundry room and such. And when I read that I was like PSHH I don't have any of those! I live in a glorified studio apartment! But then the author totally called me out. She was all "Even if you live in a little apartment you probably have stuff somewhere-- old boxes at your parents' house, sports equipment in a friend's basement, a storage facility, a locker? Come ON, you can't tell me you don't have any stuff I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER."

And, grumble grumble, she's right again.
Here is what my storage cage currently looks like:
So. Looks like I'll be needing more bins.