Thursday, May 27, 2010

Storage Cage, BINNED

Okay, remember what my storage cage used to look like?

It took some heavy lifting, several trips to Target for more BINS, and a lot of time spent down in the creepy storage cage room (where, P.S., the lights are motion sensored only by the DOORS and my cage is in the middle of the hall so the lights SHUT OFF while I was in the midst of zenning so I had to walk back the 40 feet back toward the doors in the DARK, picking my way over all the stuff I had strewn about the hallway and praying that murderers weren't hiding in the corner).

But I did it-- my storage cage is organized. I know where everything is and I got rid of a bunch of the stuff I didn't need or want anymore.

Invite me to a costume party, okay? I'm PREPARED.