Thursday, May 6, 2010


1. I hope that post I wrote a few days ago didn't sound like I was trivializing Califmom's pain. I feel like it might have come off as "oh my grandmother died when I was 13 so I TOTALLY GET what it's like to lose your spouse of 21 years" which, of course not. Really, I just meant to say this: It sucks when people die.

2. All of my neighbors officially suck. I left little notes outside TEN of their doors to ask if anyone would be interested in sharing the cost of internet and NO ONE has responded. What gives? I've been coming up with theories like maybe they think I'm crazy for leaving notes or maybe they think I'm going to hack into their computers or or or... but I think I'm more satisfied with the conclusion that they just suck.

3. Related to this, should I buy internet now for my house? Right now I'm just dealing with using someone's janky weak un-password-protected signal and that's okay because it's free. Although it WOULD be nice if it were faster and crashed less. But arg, why does internet have to be so expensive? (And why do all my neighbors have to suck so much?)

4. I bought this skirt from Old Navy about a month ago.
And I love love love it. I love the length and how comfortable it is and I love that the color is called Peacock. On my way home today I stopped by Old Navy again to buy it in some other colors but it was GONE. But it IS online. So my question to you is this: should I buy it online? If so, which colors? I'm considering the hot pink and light purple. And is it worth it to buy them now at full price ($16.50) plus shipping ($7 flat rate) or should I wait until it goes on sale? But what if they sell out before it goes on sale? Or should I just not buy any of them unless they go on sale and live my life under the presumption that someday I'll find another skirt I love?