Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skirting the Issue

I'd like to have a very serious discussion here about internet sharing ethics.


Ha ha ha! I'm just kidding, let's talk about SKIRTS! And dresses! And other things!

Last week I found out that two of the fun things I had planned for this summer won't be happening. The reasons are practical and all-- namely, people other than me decided that the plans were too expensive and they can't spend the money, which effectively canceled said plans for me as well. And that makes lots of sense because, truthfully, I probably shouldn't spend the money either.

But! I was looking forward to these fun things. I was excited about them. School is hard and clinicals are hard and sometimes I like to daydream about the fun times ahead and what it will feel like to laze around under a cabana with a bottomless piƱa colada in my hand. Alas, it shall not be.

Thus I've been rather in the mood for a bit of retail therapy recently. On Saturday after a night of shenanigans, Jenny and I hit up Old Navy. And look what we found!
The SKIRT! It was back-- and on clearance! So I bought it in "Black Jack," "First Kiss," and "Weeping Wisteria." What's with eye-rolly names, Old Navy?

I usually like to wear a cami under my shirt and these were on sale for $5 (down from $8.99) so I bought all these colors plus purple (which is in the wash).

I saw this one bathing suit I liked but then they didn't have my size and I was disappointed. But then Jenny was all YOUR SWIMSUIT IS HERE I CAN FEEL IT, WALK WITH ME and herded me over to this one which, YES. I do believe that's the swimsuit I've been looking for all my life.

Here's a $15 dress that I thought was pretty. I would have bought it in other colors as well but for some reason this was the only one that looked good on me.

And then Jenny told me to try this $15 dress on and I tried to tell her I wasn't sure about the material and she said QUIT ARGUING WITH ME JUST GO TRY IT ON. And it turned out to be very pretty and flattering and COMFY. So I bought it. In three colors. I didn't get a pic of the other two because I put this one on and I felt so comfortable and lovely that I wanted to lounge in it. So. Shopping with Jenny is fun-- she can be mean and bossy but she's usually RIGHT and will pick out cute clothes for me that I would have walked right by without a glance.

I haven't put my new things away just yet, I've just been so enjoying looking at them strewn across my living room table (I know, I know, not very zen). Now I have lots of pretty, summery clothes... but no warm beachy vacation plans. The irony is not lost on me. YOU HEAR ME, UNIVERSE? I would like a warm summery vacation please and thank you. And if I can't have that I will settle for some warmer weather here in San Francisco so I can wear my new green dress and sit out in the courtyard under an umbrella with a Mike's Hard Lime in my hand.