Sunday, May 2, 2010


I read this post by Califmom (Leah) about and hour ago and still my tears keep coming. Her words, her story took my breath away.

In this particular post she wrote about how, as her husband lay dying, she told him she was afraid. Afraid because they had been together for twenty one years. Afraid because for twenty one years they had each other, and now she would be alone. Not alone, of course, but he would be gone. And he held her and told her he would always be watching her and giving her strength. And now I'M CRYING AGAIN JUST WRITING THIS LITTLE MINI SUMMARY OUT.

Because, oh my. Haven't we all lost someone who we thought we couldn't live without? It's the kind of pain that is so raw, so real, so overwhelming that all you can do is let it wash over you. You breathe. You cry. You let the time pass and you heal.

Love, fear, pain, anguish, denial, hope, laughter, tears.

One of the hardest parts of life is its ending. But sometimes it is even harder on the people left behind.