Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lil Prezzies

Let's see.... the weather is crappyish and school has been tough and clinicals are nail-bitey. I'm sloggily heaving myself toward June because that's when summer starts but it's not like I will really get a break since I'm starting more clinicals and ugh I'm feeling burnt out and icky and I can't even wear my pretty new dresses because of the NEVERENDING RAIN AND FOG.

What's that, Weather? You'd like to show me how nice and sunny you are today? Well screw you, I'm stuck indoors studying all day long! Give me sunshine and GIVE ME BACK MY WEEKEND.

Oh my.

Well. Now I've turned into a crazy person, literally shouting and cursing at the heavens. Let's ignore my little outburst and turn our attention to what I meant to write about today, okay?

***Shiny happy things!***

It is no secret that I'm a firm believer in rewarding and treating oneself. And, while my life is immeasurably better than it was last year at around this time, it is by no means perfect or easy. I mean, who's is, right? So! In light of that, I've been indulging in little treats to brighten my own days.

1. Mini Herb Garden. This was actually a surprise gifty and included planter box and little wee seeds of oregano, rosemary, and thyme. I also have a little basil plant. Collectively I call them my Herberts, which cracks me up almost daily but no one else seems to find it funny.

2. Subscription to People Magazine. I finally caved and subscribed because I do enjoy fluffy celebrity gossip and the reading of it in the bathtub. I got a year subscription for $112 which they will bill in four installments. It works out to a little over two bucks an issue which is far cheaper than buying it at the supermarket. Two dollars a week is a pretty good deal for something I know I will enjoy.

3. Zippy pouch of the month club. The Dainty Squid Etsy shop has this deal wherein they send you a cute little handmade zipper pouch each month. I signed up for six months which was about $50, including shipping.
(Photo from The Dainty Squid Etsy store)
It works out to $8.33ish per pouch. Not SUPER cheap but still a pretty good price for getting a little handmade present in the mail every month. Plus! I can give them away as gifties if I so desire.

So that's what's been making ME a happier Julesy lately, what about you?