Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girl Talk: Intoxicating Libations

You wanna know my favorite kind of alcoholic beverage? Here it is: anything that doesn't taste like alcohol. You know, those fruity, foofy drinks that silly, princessy girls like. That's me! I especially like drinks that come in a fancy glass with an umbrella and a variety of excessive garnishes. My absolute favorite drink is called a Hula Girl and you can get it at the Mariott Hotel in Wailea. It's a little out of the way to go for a beverage, but I suppose there is other stuff you could do while you're already over there. But seriously, this drink. Heaven. I think it's essentially made with POG and rum, but all blended and delicious. It also probably doesn't hurt that you are, you know, in Hawaii when you drink it.

For actually going out on the town and imbibing beverages for the span of an evening, I prefer the standard rum&coke or vodkacran. I used to order it "with the cheapest alcohol you have" until someone told me that I could just say "well" and that would mean the same thing.

Jenny and I have also perfected the recipe of Vanilla Vodka + _______ = perfect for predrinking. She had some nebulous idea about vanilla vodka + creme soda which turned out amazing and I think I experimented with vanilla vodka and rootbeer a few weeks later. The only thing about this is that it is INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS because you are likely to drink far more than you had intended since everything tastes like candy.

Also, for football games, I maintain that Malibu rum is the only thing that tastes good warm and by itself.