Friday, June 5, 2009

Bittersweet June

Today was our last community health clinical day. I had my evaluation, closed all my TB cases, and finished my journal. Then my group went out for a delicious lunch. I'm so, so happy to be finished with this quarter and with this year. But I'm also a little sad that it's over. And I'm really anxious about the future-- preparing for and taking the NCLEX, finding a job, etc. And of course I still have that ONE LAST PAPER that I can't seem to sit down and just FINISH already.

What I will mostly miss about this year is my class. I tend to be a socially awkward person, but I did make some good friends this year. I was with more or less the same clinical group for the whole school year so we were together a lot and it is such an intense program that people's personal lives tend to fall apart at some point or another so we were there to support each other. It was nice; I know that I appreciated it when my turn came. I will miss all of my classmates, even the ones I did not get along with as well. We were all together ALL THE TIME for a whole year. It's like a special bond or something.

What I'm not going to miss are the 12 hour clinical days. Certain classes/professors/Clinical instructors that irritated me. Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time and having to just keep going going going. Having to explain to people "well, no actually it's a master's entry program. The RN portion is one year, and then there are 2 more years for nurse practitioner."

Maybe now I'll have more time for a personal life. I hope?