Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fried Rice

If you wildly overestimated the amount for rice you were going to eat in one sitting and have a whole bunch leftover but are kind of tired of eating it plain, might I suggest making fried rice? It's easy!

Rice- cooked & refrigerated (mine was from the day before)
Frozen mixed veggies

Pour some oil (I used extra virgin olive oil) into a large skillet. The amount of oil depends on how much rice you are using. I suppose I could give you quantities to work with, but the amount of rice I used was "one plastic tupperware container-full" and the oil was "two glugs" so I'm not sure that would help. Anyhow, use enough oil to lightly coat the whole pan.

Dump the rice in the pan and turn on the burner to medium. Add the frozen veggies (no need to pre-cook!) and stir it all around. If you want to stand there and stir to make sure the veggies are cooking and the mixture is mixing, then you go right ahead. Or you can cover the pan, reduce the heat a bit and go do something else.

When the rice looks done (another relative term, but I think it should be slightly browner than it was and also not sticking togther. You can also measure by eating one of the veggies. Still frozen? Maybe leave it all cooking for a bit longer), turn off the burner and remove the pan. Add soy sauce to taste.

I also ate some (store-bought, frozen) boiled potstickers with the rice. I tried pan frying the potstickers once but now I think I would rather deal with the "less yummy taste" problem than the "potsticker skins stuck to my pan that need a week to soak off" problem.