Thursday, May 28, 2009

Girl Talk: Putting My Face On

I don't wear makeup on a regular basis. Here is my usual morning routine:
  • scrutinize skin
  • pick at any blemishes
  • wash face - I use this term loosely. I have, um, INSANELY sensitive skin. By that I mean that every type of soap/moisturizer/pretty much any other product I have tried to use on a regular basis makes my skin either break out or peel or turn red. So now I use.... nothing. I splash water on my face and call "washed." Really.
  • apply chapstick

On special occasions when I do put makeup on it either dark blue sparkly eyeliner that I apply thickly or a combo of black eyeliner/greenish eyeshadow at the outer corners of my eyes/bronzish eyeshadow all over the lid + mascara. A couple years ago I also fell in love with this Maybelline Wet Sine Diamonds lip gloss because it was so sparkly. I was worried that they would discontinue the color I liked (Mauvey rock) so I bought like 15 of them. All makeup was purchased from a drugstore or rummaged from my parents' house. Yes, I am 26.

When I do make myself up it apparently shocks the people who see me on a daily basis (i.e. my classmates). Tonight was a glaring example of this. Not only was I wearing makeup, but my hair was still all shiny and bouncy from my haircut yesterday. This prompted people to go "WOW. You look good tonight." As opposed to how I usually look: disheveled and/or exhausted.