Monday, October 4, 2010

Crepe Paper, Balloons, Glowsticks, and a Keg.

I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was a little bit stressful considering last week was my first week back in school, my first week back in clinicals-- basically my first week of using my brain after severalmany weeks of doing nothing but sitting around and eating girl scout cookies. So driving down to LA and back in the course of a weekend was not the nicest thing to do for my sanity but the wedding ended up being quite a lot of fun.

The most noteworthy thing, in my mind, is how incredibly easygoing the bride was. I've never actually been to a wedding wherein the bride was a total Bridezilla Crazyface but I think there is a reasonable level of feakout that can happen when there is an huge event you've been planning for MONTHS with lots of different elements and people and you want to look good and you want everything to go smoothly. I guess what I'm saying here is that MOST ladies I know have been relaxed and happy at their weddings, despite minor mishaps, even though it would be totally understanable to have a mini meltdown if there was, say, a 13 state power outage on your wedding day, like there was on my sister's.

But I still think this bride was, like, EXTRA cool-as-a-cucumber based on the following list:

- She wears glasses all the time but had wanted to wear her contacts on her wedding day. When she went to put them in she realized that one of them was the wrong prescription and it was far too late to order more. So she just wore her glasses.

- The wedding coordinator didn't cue the priest and groomsmen and the groom to enter the church at the beginning of the ceremony. So the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, the music changed, everyone stood up, and the bride and her father entered the church. The bride SAW THAT THE GROOM WAS MISSING and started to LAUGH.

- Photobombers.

- MOONING Photobombers.

- Kegstands.

- At the end of the night, the guests left and the family and close friends started to clean up because the rental company would come pick up the tables and chairs early in the morning. The bride and groom stuck around and helped fold and stack up chairs.

Congrats Amy & Michael! You guys know how to throw a party!