Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Oh hai.



I kind of hate reading those posts that are all "Sorry I've been away! Here's why I haven't had time to blog!" It always makes me feel kind of irritated like, 'oh what? You think I missed you? Like I read your blog or something? I mean, I DO read it and everything, but that's not the POINT.' I'm not sure what my imaginary point is in these hypothetical confrontations but I do seem to get awfully huffy about it.

So. If you're like me and you don't like posts like that, go ahead and skip on down to the bottom. Go on. I'll meet you there.

Because I'm doing precisely that. Sorry I've been away. Really I'm more "sorry" for me than for you. I don't want to presume that you were in some way missing me. But I CERTAINLY missed you.

Really all I've been doing is school and clinicals and group projects and putting papers in my new binders and banging my shins on the coffee table.
Also of note: I've been diagnosed with one of those infuriating chronic disorders with an umbrella label that they use to describe a collection of symptoms. Also? It's an EMBARRASSING one. Also? I feel like people think it is fake. No no, my friends, this pain I have is sadly very real.
With this diagnosis of exclusion type thang, there isn't a clear cause or cure. I just have to figure out how to handle it. And that's FINE but it still kinda sucks. Enough to make me want to lay around and feel sorry for myself for about a week. Dramatic? Me? NEVER.

I sort of got to the point here where I felt like if I didn't have anything amazing and glittery to say, why write anything at all? I don't know why, though. Because that has definitely never been a criterion before.

Yesterday I snapped out of it. I decided it didn't have to be amazing, it just had to be SOMETHING, DAMMIT.

So here it is: Something!