Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 02: Something you love about yourself

I went to college to study English. English got me to USC. USC made me want to go into the movie business. My cinema classes made my schedule so wonky that I needed an extra class for 3 hours on Wednesday afternoons. I found a 3 hour Wednesday afternoon class in the Gerontology department. The Gerontology department made me want to go into research. Research made me get a Master's degree. My Master's degree helped me get my job at the senior center. The senior center gave me the experience and daily interactions with elderly people that made me want to work in healthcare. And so I applied to nursing school, with the eventual goal of becoming a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner.

So now here I am, a nurse 10 years after my sister told me I should be one and I brushed her off with an "Oh, what do you know? Pshh."

I love nursing. I love that I want to help people-- that I feel like I'm learning HOW to help people. I love that I chose this over the movie business. I love that I overcame my queasiness of blood and guts and squeezed in my prerequisite classes while working and decided to go to school in San Francisco and became friends with all the fantastic people in my program. I love what I'm doing. I love what I'm learning. I love what being here has done for me.

I love that I'm a nurse.