Thursday, June 24, 2010


Step into my office, will you? You'll have to imagine me saying this with big, wide eyes and an eerie, shaky voice that makes you think you're not sure what's about to happen. Am I about to be buried alive? you might wonder.

My birthday is next month. And so it's around this time of year that I think about my life and goals and whatnot. Birthdays are important to me both in terms of partying my socks off and in terms of life achievements. Maybe that's silly, but I never claimed to be otherwise.

Anyhow, my last two birthdays have been sort of, well.... Let's review, SHALL WE?
26- Asshat broke up with me via text message.
27- Spent the evening sobbing alone in my old bedroom at my parents' house. Asshat (we were back together) was down in LA, presumably cheating on me and doing his drug(s?) of choice. And to top it off my entire family was mad at me because they didn't like my tattoo.

In fact I do believe I have a photo that photo accurately depicts both years.

Yep. I'd say that as long as I manage to keep all of my limbs, this birthday will probably wildly surpass the past two years.'

However, that doesn't mean that it is perfect. I can feel many things at once (but we knew that, right? Because I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS).

I can be excited about my upcoming birthday and also sort of wish I didn't have to turn 28 yet.
I can be happy and satisfied with my life right now and also be slightly confused and disappointed that it hasn't gone the way I used to expect that it would.

So, yes, maybe I'm just a touch sensitive about my birthday this year. I'm kind of a snarky bitch and I guess you could say that there are some subjects, including this one, that fall into the category of: Take it, Cannot (see also: Dish it Out, Can Only).