Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Packing List

I'm going away for the weekend. Hmm, how can I describe this trip to you?

I'm going to be camping and it is kind of Burning Man-esque and hippieish and naturey. And there will be dress up costume parties but there are also going to be regular daytime hours of swimming and hanging out and whatnot. The whole weekend has an ocean theme so any and everything you do/wear/say can or should have something to do with the ocean-- sea creatures, pirates, Neptune, luau, sailors, etc. And the temp is going to be in the 80s during the day and the 40s at night.

Here is the packing list I received:

lounge/ comfy clothes for during the day
warm coat/clothes for nighttime
sleeping bag/sleeping pad
utensils (plate, cup, fork, spoon, coffee mug)
alcohol (your choice of what you will want to drink throughout the weekend), mixer, energy drinks
snacks (breakfast and dinner provided)
ICE- pick this up in town before you get to the campsite
anything hawaiian/tiki bar theme
water bottle
chairs to sit at our camp site
Clothes/accessories/jewelry that you don’t want any more for the swap
Talent for the talent show
shower stuff? there are showers but i think they are cold, you dont HAVE to shower
bathing suit or just go naked for a swim!
COSTUMES especially for nights

I am also bringing baby wipes, bug repellent, and a book. I feel like I might be forgetting something. Any recommendations or things YOU like to bring camping or on vacation or to a costume party?