Monday, June 14, 2010

Random Photos with Explanations

This? This is what happens when your doctor proposes the concept of reinfecting yourself with Poison Oak and then you wear a skirt and new red bumps appear on your upper thigh and so instead of tearing your hair out you decide it might be best to set fire to wash all of your clothes.
Yeah, Regina Leeds, I know I know I'm supposed to be zenning my laundry area. LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

I bribed Gabey with a cookie to take a photo with me.
My goodness he's just brown as a little berry isn't he? In contrast, I am white as a SHEET.
And then he tried to go hang out in my bedroom.
"I don't want you to touch my bed with your strawberry hands."
"I don't have strawberry hands."
"What did you just eat?"
"A strawberry."
And then he showed us how he could eat the strawberries no-handedly:
You can't tell, but that cutting board is resting on Miss Grace's belly.

Tonight I decided to serve myself some yogurt as my post-workout pre-dinner snack. Then I got out the sour cream because I was going to put some on my dinner. And then I ate a big spoonful of yogurt. And then I was grossed out because it didn't taste like sour cream like I was expecting it to. And then I wondered WHY ON EARTH I thought I was taking a eating a big spoonful of sour cream?

I bought cherries. I like to call them cheeries. Because they bring me cheer. And also I once saw a misspelled sign for them.

You know what I find incredibly relaxing and zen and therapeutic? Staying home for the evening, putting on some background noise like an old sitcom on DVD and making a big pot of soup, preferably with lots of ingredients that need to simmer for a long time.
It started during the fall when I was all stressed out and riddled with anxiety and it was just a nice way to pass the time and help myself relax for the evening.

Well I think that is all I have to tell you about right now. I don't seem to have anything that will tie all of this neatly together so how about a gratuitous hat photo? Check out the shadow.