Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shower Power

I hosted a bridal shower last weekend. A friend of mine is getting married in June and I offered waaaaaaaay back when she got engaged about a year and a half ago to host! a! shower! because! I! was! so! excited! I had also recently escaped the clutches of a sociopath so I was excited about pretty much everything life had to offer me at that point in time. I remember noticing how SWEET the air smelled and how AMAZING it was to just... drive my car and listen to music.
So! I offered to host the shower awhile back and then schedules got crazy and the bride traveled to Africa and back and I have classes on some SATURDAYS this quarter so we kind of had to pickadate right quick fast and in a hurry. So! Last weekend was the shower! I probably could have just skipped that whole rambling backstory, I guess.

ANYHOW. Shower! The bride wanted a western/horsey theme so we ran with it (galloped with it?).
Please to be noticing the Breyer horses as table decorations.

I made soap in the shape of little horsies for party favors.

I was a bit worried they would melt since I had to transport them from SF to LA so I also made a backup party favor.
I got the idea for this from the comments on Swistle's post about party favors.

(In case you were wondering what songs are on the CD, here is the list. I made it in a bit of a hurry so it was just made up of songs that I figured people would mostly like and that I mostly like and that have the word love in them.)
Rick Rolled!

We also had bandanas for everybody to wear.
Breyer horse!
We played Rope the Cowboy, which involved attempting to use a lasso in the traditional fashion after a couple glasses of champagne. I can't take credit for that brilliant bit of tomfoolery, it was my co-host's idea. I did bring the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, though (also fun post-champagne).
The cowboy's face isn't normally empty and creepy like that, it was a photoshopped pic of the groom.

And here we have the prize bags. Now, I don't want to oversell these but they pretty much represent a stroke of GENIUS by yours truly.
You see how they're all labeled with something that horses like? Well if you won a game then you got to pick a bag. Inside the Sugar Lumps bag was a bottle of brown sugar & vanilla bubble bath and one of those shower loofah shmoosh thingies. Inside the Carrots bag was a bottle of Yes to Carrots lotion and some Yes to Carrots lip balm. Inside the Apples bag was a kitchen timer shaped like an apple and a little red veggie scrub brush. GET IT? GET IT? Well. I thought the prize bags were pretty awesome.

I also got to wear my tiered skirt and purple cowboy boots so I'd say the party was a win.