Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flea Market- Catching Up

Gah, it looks like I need to tailgate my flea market posts at a closer distance so I don't have a backlog of faux-artsyish photos of my purchases to filter through.

Anyhow, apparently my Breyer horse, erm, hobby (?) is still going strong.
Yes, I think I'll stick with hobby as the word choice here. It's a Breyer-horse-buying HOBBY. Because Breyer horses are COLLECTIBLES, it says so right on their web site.
I feel like flea market shopping in general can be considered a legit hobby. I mean, it's like antiquing but for people with less money.

I also have a glass-buying obsession craze THING hobby.


I didn't get a goodie bag at BlogHer because I didn't spring for the full conference pass. But I DID pilfer from my roomies' reject pile. One of the things I took was a plastic sandwich box thing made by Hillshire Farms. I used it for my PB&J that I pack in my bag for clinical (and usually don't have time to eat until my drive home). It is the perfect size and shape and keeps the sandwich from getting all squished. I kept kicking myself for not taking more of them since that was one of the less popular swag pieces but then I found THESE little sandwichy boxes at the flea market.
And aren't they great?

I also bought this little lady for couple of bucks. She is very wee. I took a picture of my hand so there would be some kind of scale to show you how small she is. But then, my hands are also pretty small so I guess it doesn't give you that much more information.
So, go with me on this-- you're looking at a photo of a smaller-than-average hand holding a weeish matryoshka doll.

And there were more wee dolls nested inside!
Don't they look nice on my shelf?

I bought these trays actually a few months back but I hadn't taken a photo yet so I'll show them to you now. I heart them.
So, basically, now I need to have an awesome retro dinner party so I can use my awesome retro serving trays.