Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Bo

Well, at the risk of turning this into a Kitteh Blog I'm going to post some photos of my cat. Because, while I DO have lots of other things that I'd like to share with you, today is the Ides of March which is also one Bowie Pants Wolverine's (estimated) seventh birthday.

Permit me to reminisce for just a few moments?

I remember when he was just a wee baby kitten.
Melt my heart, whydontcha?

I remember when he was so little that I used to keep him in a box so he wouldn't get lost in my room.
Only 3 weeks old when I got him, I used to feed him that fake cat milk stuff.

I remember when he was smaller than my shoe.

I remember those hot LA days when my roommates and I would put him in the freezer to cool off (with the door open of course).

He loved snuggling and napping with my roommate's cat, Lucy, when we all lived together. Three girls, two kittens, one iguana, and a whole lot of Smirnoff.

He's always been pretty good with other animals. His friendship with Jasmine was based on their common interest in napping.

He is good with kids, too. Even now when I see my nieces and nephews their first question is usually "Did you bring Bowie?"

He will only drink running water. Sometimes it is frustrating because he'll get up around 6 and start yowling at me from the bathtub until I stumble in and turn on the faucet for him. Even though HE HAS A PERFECTLY FINE WATER DISH. Nope, His Majesty prefers water in motion.

But he's a good kitty. A tolerant kitty.

A BIG kitty.

I love him, in case that wasn't obvious.

Happy Birthday lil Bowiepants. I'm so glad I paid $25 for you at that random East LA animal shelter/pet store (?) that seems to exist in a parallel universe (since I tried to go back there and it had apparently been transformed into an abandoned warehouse). I'm lucky to have you.